WiSE Wireless Monitoring Solutions for Holiday Parks and more

WiSE can offer your holiday home park, caravan park and more a complete wireless solution for all your security, fire detection, equipment monitoring, energy metering, staff management and safety needs. WiSE has been specifically developed to provide a tailored, cloud-connected solution that can be used in complex locations such as holiday parks positioned in rural areas, coastal locations and dispersed sites.

The user-friendly WiSE platform has been developed and engineered to provide you with peace of mind. Using our own tried and tested LPWAN radio technology, we have created a reliable and cost-effective platform to wirelessly monitor your information, security and energy without the need for WiFi or SIM. It collects meaningful, non-intrusive data to help you work smarter. WiSE also supports your park in being COVID-secure.

Energy Metering




Equipment Monitoring


Staff Management and Monitoring


Fire and Safety


WiSE features

Icon - Long Range Coverage

Long range coverage

500-1000m of site coverage per gateway

Icon - Trends

Live Occupancy Data

Anonymously monitor occupancy levels

Icon - Desktop Alert

Bespoke Security Platform

Live security alerts via text, pager or online dashboard

Icon - Water Damage

Equipment failure notifications

Monitor equipment failure in key areas including water, fuel and sewage pumps, main power failures, flood as well as water leaks

Icon - Invoice

Automated Smart Metering and Billing

Monitor electricity, water and gas with reliable daily readings to quickly create invoice

Icon - Cleaning

Cleaner Complete Functions

Keyless system enables simple cleaner check-in and check-out so you know which homes are ready for holidaymakers

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