Protect Your Holiday Home With A Park Monitored Alarm

The WiSE connected alarm solution protects thousands of holiday park homes throughout the UK. Linked direct to park staff, the WiSE alarm sends a silent alert, ensuring rapid response to any activation. Monitored year-round, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week – you can rest assured your holiday home is in safe hands with a WiSE alarm installed.

The WiSE alarm offers:

Icon - Flexi Time

24/7 monitoring by park staff

Icon - Secure Radio

Year-round protection and peace of mind

Icon - No Wires

No unsightly wires or cables

Icon - Key

Easy and simple key fob operation

Icon - Long Battery Life

Battery powered and tamper protection

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Professionally installed

Why choose a WiSE alarm?

Icon - Easy to Use

Simple to operate

Fob the alarm on when you leave and off when you arrive. That’s all you need to do to ensure your holiday home is protected.

Icon - No Maintenance

No need to maintain your alarm

WiSE lets us know if there are any problems, right down to when the batteries are running low, so we can send out an engineer to keep it running smoothly.

Icon - Secure Radio Technology

Part of a security network

If there’s an intruder, your WiSE alarm won’t just go off like a car alarm. Instead, it sends a silent signal directly to your park team so that they can respond.

How it works

The WiSE alarm connects wirelessly to the WiSE network on your park. If the alarm is activated, your park team will be alerted immediately so that they can respond. WiSE will also alert us to any maintenance issues, such as battery replacements, so we can configure and perform necessary work before your alarm loses its connection.

WiSE - How it Works

Your annual subscription

The WiSE alarm isn’t just a security system – it’s a security service you can trust. We deliver comprehensive aftercare, year after year, as part of the annual subscription:

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Your WiSE subscription connects your holiday home to your park team so they can keep an eye on it while you’re away. It will also alert us to any required maintenance issues so we can ensure your alarm is continuously connected to your park network.

Icon - Alarm


Like an invisible shield, the WiSE alarm ensures that your park team are notified in the event of activation. If it’s triggered, your alarm sends a silent signal to park security so they can respond. Your holiday home is monitored against intruders whether you’re miles away or you’ve just popped out.

Icon - Engineer


You don’t need to worry about servicing your alarm. Your subscription includes all parts and labour, unlimited callouts and 24/7 monitoring. We’ll even change the batteries as soon as they’re getting low!

Operating your Ramtech / WiSE Security System

Protecting and staying connected to your holiday home couldn’t be easier. The WiSE alarm is easy to use and completely independent of the mains power system, so your holiday home will stay protected even if the power’s off.

Arming and disarming the system

To arm the alarm, simply swipe your key fob over the RFID symbol. You’ll hear continuous beeping for 45 seconds before the alarm takes effect. Forgot to set your alarm? No problem, your park team can remotely arm it for you.

To disarm your alarm, simply swipe your key fob over the RFID symbol. You’ll hear a beep to indicate you’ve successfully disarmed the system. You have 45 seconds to disarm the alarm upon entry to your holiday home.

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Frequently asked questions

The standard monitoring system includes an alarm control Hub, a motion detector and a fob to operate the system. Larger holiday homes may have multiple motion detectors.

Your alarm, if set, will trigger immediately in the event of an intrusion detected by the motion sensors. Please ensure that the sensors are always kept unobstructed. Your alarm will also trigger if any attempt is made to tamper with the system.

You’re unlikely to hear anything if your alarm is triggered. The system is designed with catching offenders in mind, so it sends a silent alert directly to your park’s security personnel or team so that they can come and check everything is ok.

Great! Pop into your park’s reception and they should be able to arrange that with us for you.

Provided you’ve activated the alarm, the security of your holiday home will be monitored 24/7/365.

None – you don’t need to worry about a thing! In fact, if anyone other than a Ramtech engineer attempts to carry out maintenance your subscription will be invalidated.

Your park will get in touch with you when it’s time to renew your subscription. You’ll find it’s easy to ensure your holiday home stays fully protected for as long as you own it.

If you require replacement fobs, please contact your park team quoting your pitch number.

Just drop into your park’s reception – a member of staff should be able to help.

Contact your park administration team for more details